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Carpet vs Hardwood Flooring

Tue, Feb 13, 2024 5:00 PM GMT

You will never find a final answer in the eternal debate between hardwood flooring and carpeting, as both sides of the argument have firmly entrenched their belief that the other side is completely wrong. Kind of like the eternal battle between cat and dog people. 

Whatever side of the fence you currently sit on, let us take a closer look at both materials and once all the facts are laid out and presented to you then you can make an informed logical choice. 

The virtues of carpeting

Let’s start with the softness. Carpeting is a family friendly cozy alternative to hardwood flooring. Hardwood is just as advertised; hard. Carpet comes with a padded underlayer and a soft fibrous top layer that is easy on the feet to walk on and provides a nice feeling of warmth and coziness. Carpeting is also extremely warm to the touch and on a cold winter’s morning can be a welcome feeling on the tips of the toes. 

Carpeting is also one of least expensive flooring options on the market. Hardwood flooring and other options tend to be more expensive than carpeting making it a great economical option for many people. 

Carpeting is also one of the safer options on the market. Tripping and falling on a hardwood floor can result in injury or broken objects strewn across the floor. Carpet is basically a cushion on the floor making it a safe option for many families with young children. 

One of the biggest selling points of carpeting is its noise dampening quality. When installed in any upper level floor it provides a level of sound deadening that can not be equalled in hardwood flooring. 

The Virtues of Hardwood Flooring

Premium Hardwood flooring is known for its beauty, style and it’s incredible shelf life. But what are the aspects of flooring that make it stand out ahead of all other flooring options. 

One of the most appealing aspect of hardwood flooring is that it is easy to clean. Having hardwood flooring in the kitchen and dining is a real blessing when you consider all the spills and food that might fall on the floor. 

Hardwood flooring is the best option for those with allergies. As a hard smooth surface, hardwood flooring does not collect dust and dander like carpet. All those little carpet fibers a magnets for dust and dirt, hardwood flooring allows you to regular clean and rid your home of all those things that are making you sneeze. 

If you take care of your hardwood floors and buy the real solid floors boards you are buying a product that could last generations. Carpet on the other hand may need to be replaced after several years. In the long run this makes hardwood flooring a better investment overall and less of a personal interruption in your lifestyle. This investment also pays off as hardwood flooring is what many home buyer are willing to pay extra for when purchasing a home.

When it comes to an overall winner between the two, it is impossible to pick one clear favourite. For the upper floors of a house I like to have carpeting as it is quiet and comfortable. On the main floor I always go with hardwood flooring because that is where you do the bulk of your entertaining and dining and in the basement I go with carpeting again for comfort and warmth. 

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