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Getting that Country Look in 2024

Wed, Jan 17, 2024 5:00 PM GMT

A recent trend in the hardwood flooring industry has been the country look. You know that shabby-chic look of country homes that you would die to have when looking at home decorating magazines or the Houzz app. 

What appeals to most people is the comfortable informal look that is the signature of the country home. It gives off a simple, uncomplicated look that many homeowners want to come back to after a very long day at work. Apart from a few antique pieces of furniture, the best way to achieve this relaxed country look is by choosing the right hardwood floors

Wood provides the texture, colour, and the natural appeal that are the hallmark of the country home. Antique furniture can be brought in to further that country look but without the right hardwood floors the home would feel incomplete. Imagine a cottage with vinyl tiles. (Neither can I) 

If this is the look you want to achieve, don’t worry there are solutions. The market is flooded with products that have been given that stressed, hand-scraped, worn out look that perfectly capture the rustic feel without having to pull out floors boards from abandoned cottages or barns. 

Hand-scraped flooring is one of the most popular types of hardwood on the market. They give the vintage look and perfectly aged wood feel many homeowners are after. Each board shows off the distinctive grain pattern of the wood and comes in rich natural coloured tones only found in nature. These floors are sure to be a conversation piece in any home. 

Wide plank hardwood is another popular design element for homeowners. Wide plank is defined as being five inches or more. Although this style looks fantastic, I have it goes better in larger open rooms, preferably with a fireplace at one end of the room to maximize that country feel. 

Distressed wood is another popular choice. Manufacturers purposely stain and rough the boards to give it that authentic old world charm. Unlike conventional flooring that remove imperfections and strives for uniformity, distressed boards keep the knots, burls, marks and pinholes as they add to that natural feel. 

Whatever style you choose you are guaranteed your floors will deliver that country feel and all that remains is for you to grab a cup of coffee, sit in your favorite chair and relax in your new home. 

Always remember that choosing the right hardwood floor for your country home is very important to maintain the country look of your home. 



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