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Maple floors, easy to maintain, affordable, and simply beautiful!

Mon, Jun 20, 2022 4:00 PM GMT

Practical and Affordable

Rated at 1450 in the Janka Hardness Coefficient table, and going as low as $5.99 per square foot, maple hardwood flooring is a serious contender for beauty and longevity, while still affordable.

Probably the best feature of maple flooring that many people do not know about, is maple’s natural resistance to moisture; this makes it a perfect candidate if you do not have too much time to maintain your floors, or simply if you just want one less thing to worry about. This is the reason why maple is a favourite amongst much furniture, and many bowling alleys. Fungi and bacteria is less of a worry with maple floors.

As it is sturdy against the humid environment, it is easy to maintain. Maple floors are easily dust mopped, and vacuumed. If you dislike the energy expenditure or the noise of the vacuum, a broom and a dust pan will just do it.

A natural beauty that is also audible

While hard maple is strong enough to carry out the daily duties as wood flooring, maple is still softer than other hardwood flooring species like Jatoba or Tigerwood. Although hard maple (the maple used for flooring), is not exactly the same species as the one used for musical instruments, they share much in common, including belonging to the same family.

Maple is actually one of the best acoustic wood species out there (alongside with Mahogany), so much, that it is commonly selected as prime material for many musical instruments due to its relative hardness compared to other tone-woods. This gives it a rich, brighter sound, which many violin, cellos, and guitar manufacturers take advantage of. This could be something to think of, if you are planning on enjoying classical pieces on your newly installed floor.

Is simply beautiful

While maple comes in different shades, and you can find it stained with different colours, maple has a unique natural feel to it, that is equals to none. The richness of contrast and its smooth, grainless nature finish, makes it a perfect companion to contemporary decor.

If you are considering hardwood floor, give maple a good look. It could be one of the best investments you may go for.

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