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How to make your old hardwood floors new again

Tue, Sep 15, 2020 4:00 PM GMT

Hardwood floors can last a long time but keeping them looking fresh and new can be a difficult task. Sometimes replacing them is not always the best option. Here we will discuss a few ways to spruce up those older floors and make them shine once again. 

Distract from the flaws

Lets face it all floors will age over time. They will collect scuffs, scratches and dents along the way that in some cases add to the character and in others make your floors look old and ragged. To help, try distraction techniques that draw the eyes away from the flaws you don’t want people to see. Clean them up, add a bit of paint or add a conversation piece near the flaw like a accent chair that garners all the attention. 

Adding layers

Bored of yours floors, add a few rugs to soften the room and take away a bit of the limelight from your older floors. 

Keep away the light

Sunlight streaming into a room on a beautiful might look great but it will bleach your floors and turn them a beautiful shade of orange. 

Open it up

If you want to bring attention to your floors and your room try knocking down a wall or two. Sure it sounds excessive but it really isn’t that hard to accomplish and the difference it will make to your home is remarkable and the floors will shine again.

Whether sprucing up your old hardwood floors or looking for something new, our associates at The Hardwood Flooring Store will guide you into making the right choice for your home project. Visit our store and see what difference the Hardwood Flooring Store can do for you home. 

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