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Questions to ask before the installation of your hardwood floors

Wed, Jan 11, 2023 1:00 PM GMT

Welcome to the first in a three part series about what are the right questions to ask before, during, and after the installation of your hardwood floors. These are questions that will reveal what you should be doing and saying in order to make the installation process much easier for all involved.

What is expected of me before install day?

The hardwood floor is one of the last things to go into any major remodelling. Make sure everyone that doesn’t need to be there is gone. There cannot be people wandering about the house and opening doors constantly changing the temperature of the place (which will affect the floors).

Remove all furniture and appliances from the area that needs to be updated. Old carpets, vinyl, etc. should be removed and if necessary the subfloor should be nailed where squeaks are present to avoid the problem in the future.

Dust will be generated. If you don’t want any dust seeping its way into other areas of the house then plastic sheets are your friends. Strategically placed around the home you can avoid your bed getting infected with dust that would take years to clean out. (Trust me I know I am still finding dust from a floor reno I did a few years back.)

What are the extra costs that might arise during installation?

More often than not during a renovation, something will arise that will force the homeowner to fork out more cash. To avoid extras make sure your subfloor is secure and squeak-less, make sure you have removed all furniture, and if you don’t want the contractor to charge for plastic sheeting to protect the rest of your home then please hang up your own.

Do I need to worry about whether or not my installer has insurance?

YES. If anyone should get hurt on the job or should they do damage to your house then you have protection against legal issues.

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