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Old world meets new look in flooring old world herringbone

Have you ever walked into a home and fell in love immediately, but you couldn’t quite explain what style it was?

Should We Use Hardwood Flooring at the Office Hardwood flooring for the office renovation project

More and more companies are looking into hardwood flooring as the flooring of choice for the new modern office environment.

Bad for Business: The Case Against Lumber Liquidators Bad for Business: The Case Against Lumber Liquidators

It was recently revealed that Lumber Liquidators has been lying to its customers about the safety of their products, selling flooring laced with toxic chemicals.

Hardwood Flooring VS Laminate Hardwood Flooring VS Laminate

It is time to renovate and you are considering refinishing your floors. Friends have given you their advice on why they think hard wood or laminate flooring is the way to go.

Fireplaces and Hardwood Flooring Fireplaces and hardwood flooring

Fireplaces are great but if you don't take the right precautions you could end up damaging your floors.

Flooring Problems and their Solutions: Part Two Part two of flooring problems and their solutions

In this part two of our series on flooring prob,ems find out how to take care of those pesky issues that might arise during the life of your floors.

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