Fireplaces and Hardwood Flooring

Posted on Dec 1, 2017

While water is the most immediate threat to hardwood flooring in any home, fire has to place a close second. If you have hardwood flooring and a fireplace you are going to want to take certain precautions so as to keep your floors looking new and burn free.


With a real fireplace and not an electric or gas you are going to need to put space between the fire itself and where your floors begin. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase a extension to the hearth. This usually comes in the form of slate or tiles that can be placed over existing flooring to protect the wood floors and make the fireplace look beautiful.


Burning wood tends to crackle and pop when burned sending embers flying across the room to burn whatever they happen to fall upon. To avoid this simply purchase a metal screen to place in front of your fireplace. This will catch the majority of pops from the fireplace and save your wood floors from burns.


This might seem like a no brainer but when it comes to your fireplace do not burn anything but wood or products made for burning in a fireplace. Fire and plant matter tends to burn hotter and can damage your surrounding fireplace overtime. Please also never use oil, gas, or lighter fluid to start a fire as you can seriously hurt yourself and burn a serious hole in your floors.


Also when it comes to a fire do not burn for extended periods of time. The heat can build up over time and the heat can damage and dry  out the surrounding wood floors.


With a little precaution you can enjoy both your fireplace and your hardwood floors for a long time.

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