Floor plank size: Too wide or not too wide?

Posted on May 16, 2018

As you might have already learned choosing the right floors for you is not always as easy as you would hope. There are countless styles, textures, species, finishes etc to choose from. Having this choice is fantastic but it can be overwhelming. To further add to your plethora of choices flooring also comes in a wide variety of different widths.


Wide plank rage


Wide planks are popular right now. In the right space they can really add a lot of visual appeal. But are wide planks really the choice for your home? Basically the only criteria you need to take into account for wide planks is if your room is big enough to warrant them. A small room with 5 inch or 10 inch planks is going to look a little silly. Wide planks are really made for bigger or open plan rooms. So keep the wide planks for your open plan rooms and the smaller plank size for enclosed spaces.


Random width


For those that want a unique look to their home their is the option of random width planks. You can choose the random width range and the manufacturer will make the proper order for your home. Adding this random pattern to your floors is a really unique feature to add to your home. I would say it is a perfect design for someone with a more rural, country decor. The modern look requires a more uniform board, all the same colour all the same size.

Whatever width you choose if you are having any trouble figuring out what should go into your home make sure to pay a visit to the Hardwood Flooring Store to speak with one of our associates. They have the knowledge and experience to help guide you into making the right choice for your home, no pressure sales tactics. Its about getting you what’s right for you.
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