Flooring Problems and their Solutions Part One

Posted on Oct 1, 2017

Part one


Unfortunately there are many problems that can arise during the lifespan of your hardwood flooring. The goal obviously is to never encounter any problems and live your life in a hardwood flooring dream state. But as most adults already painfully are aware you are never going to get through life without a few hiccups and the best way to prepare yourself for those hiccups is knowledge, because knowledge is power.

By some industry estimates about one billion dollars worth of damage is caused to hardwood flooring across North America. In order not to become a statistic let’s go through some of the most common problems that arise with hardwood flooring and think of a few solutions in the meantime.


Board Gaps


Even if installed correctly wood floors are prone to gaps between the boards with movement of the home and variations in temperature and humidity. All the fluctuations over time increase the movements of the boards and thus the gaps. If they are installed improperly those gaps can grow to be even more significant. Gaps in the floor don’t look good and need repair. If you catch the problem early enough you can stop the problem before it gets any worse.

To repair the issue some people resort to using wood filler but this I believe is a terrible way to fix a problem. It is duct tape on a bumper. The best solution is to get slivers of wood and carefully glue them into the spaces being careful not to glue any of the boards together. This will give the gaps a better appearance and allowing room for continued expansion and contraction.




Floor boards buckle when the air around them is too moist. This can occur during times of high humidity in the summer time. Buckling is caused when the fibers in the wood absorb that moisture in the air and expand. This expansion puts pressure against the surrounding boards and causes them to push upwards.

More than likely the floorboards will have to be replaced if the tongue and grooves are damaged. You should never replace boards until the problem with the moisture is taken care of or it will just happen again.


If these problems occur try the solutions I have provide. If you want any further advice make sure to visit your Hardwood Flooring Store where an experienced associated will give you more expert advice on everything hardwood flooring related.

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