Footprints on your hardwood floors

Posted on Apr 3, 2017

You have just installed the new dark hardwood floors of your dreams in your home. Everything matches, the decor, the lighting, the hardwood, everything is in perfect design harmony. The next morning you wake up lumber downstairs for your morning coffee, walk barefoot across the floor and as you take your first sip of coffee you look up to see in horror that you have left footprint path across your precious hardwood floors. “Argh,” you exclaim. How could this have happened, you thought of everything when purchasing your hardwood floors? Then your kids come down for breakfast and your anger turns into rage as your floors begin to look like a mudroom floor.


This is a problem anyone in the flooring business will often hear about and it's not just an issue with solid hardwood floors either but also we have heard of a similar issue with engineered floors as well.


The facts and the solutions. The fact is that hardwood floor colour functions on the same principle as the colour of your car. The darker the car the more it will show dirt and scratches. This is just a fact of life when it comes to owning a car and when it comes to your floors. Dark hardwood floors do look great but the fact is they will show your footprints and scratches and dust will be more prominent.


The solution to this not something I am sure many of the readers out there want to here. Maintenance. I know, I know, the thought of adding more cleaning to your already busy schedule doesn’t seem possible but with a little prevention and maintenance you can have your floors looking as good as they possibly can given that you live in a full working home with kids.


In some really bad cases of leftover footprints I have found that many people have used “unfriendly” cleaners on their floors that have left behind a film or residue causing footprints to become more visible and leave behind seemingly permanent impressions. If this is the case one of our hardwood flooring reps would be more than please to guide you to the right cleaner for your floor to get rid of the residue and to help minimize the footprint issue going forward.


There is no perfect solution but maintaining your floors by regularly cleaning them and ensuring any oily residues don’t have a chance to stick to the boards will keep those beautiful Brazilian walnut floors you paid a fortune for looking shiny and new for years to come.


Any more questions about hardwood flooring make sure to visit the Hardwood Flooring Store where one of our flooring associates will gladly help guide you through the world of hardwood flooring.

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