From Forest to Floor: How wood floors get made

Posted on Feb 25, 2019

Consumers are now more wary than ever about where the things they buy come from and if they are produced in a safe and environmentally friendly a way as possible. For many though the process of how hardwood flooring ends up under their feet remains a mystery.


Selection of the raw materials:  At the Hardwood Flooring Store we are committed to providing the best quality products sourced from sustainable areas of North America. We only work with companies that are certified and have a reputation for ethical and proper business practices. There is no clear cutting practices involved. Companies receive their orders, select the right amount of trees, and deliver that product to the factories.

Processing: Each log goes from forest directly to the factory where the trunk is stripped of its bark and put through a state-of-the-art computer mill that cuts the tree to very specific requirements. Nothing goes to waste. After cutting the board go through a wash and are dried, then pass through inspection. Once inspection is done the board go through the finishing process.

Application of the finish: This is one of the most important steps. If the boards are not properly prepared the finish will not properly adhere and the board will need to be thrown away. If you order unfinished floors the process is over and the flooring is already on your way to your home.

Finishing: According to your specifications, the dye the floors and applied the finish to seal the floors. After drying and curing the board they are ready to ship to the stores.


If you have any further question about your flooring and how its ends up in your home please do not hesitate to contact one of our flooring associates that will help you understand more about one of the most important purchases for your home.

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