Hardwood Floor Trends – What to Watch for in 2019

Posted on Oct 25, 2018

Hardwood Floor Trends – What to Watch for in 2019


The new year is quickly approach and with it comes new trends in modern hardwood floors. Your hardwood floor is a focal point in your home, but luckily the trends heading into 2019 are ones that will look sleek and modern for years to come.


Keep it neutral


Hardwood Floors Magazine recently announced that the colour trend of 2019 will be Nature’s Neutrals . These neutral colours are more down-to-earth and less flashy than some of the colour trends in previous years.


Neutral colours are your dark, earthy hardwoods and your dark and light shades. Browns, blacks, off-whites, and whites are going to be the most popular colours of next year, complementing a modern, neutral colour scheme in your home.


Red oak is a great hardwood that comes in many of the neutral colours of 2019. It ranges from a light grey to a deep charcoal , while still maintaining the character that everyone loves in hardwood.


Embrace rustic


One of the trends that is carrying through from 2018 to 2019 is a low-sheen floor. Low-gloss floors can hide the scuffs and scrapes of a busy household, while still holding onto the natural grain and look of hardwood floors.

No matter what the current trend, the beauty of a natural wood floor always elevates a home. As everything else is getting more advanced, people are craving the need for something more rustic . Using a hardwood that has a lot of character, like walnut , will make sure that your floor is just as much a feature of your home as anything else.


Nothing beats real


Hardwood floors are still the best option when it comes to flooring and the trends of 2019 are already reflecting that. Homeowners are realizing more and more that quality products are always better than cheaper alternatives, like laminate.

Hardwood floors are better for the air in your home, are more durable, and will last longer than other types of floors. 2019 will see a continued trend in the desire for genuine hardwoods and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

Even though the trends for hardwood floors in 2019 call for neutral, rustic woods, you can rest assured that these trends will last for longer than just next year. Just like the hardwood itself, you will have decades of beautiful, modern-looking floors that will impress any guests.

As the new year rolls around, be sure to check out the many options that The Hardwood Flooring Store has. Whether you want to follow the trends and have a floor that emphasizes the character of the wood and complements your home, or a floor that stands out and fits your own personality, you will be sure to find what you want here.


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