Hardwood Flooring and Kids

Posted on Apr 5, 2019

Kids. As much as we love them, protect them and will do anything for them, they are not the best little creatures at being gentle when it comes to flooring options.


But before you go out and purchase wall-to-wall coloured tile foam padding for your floors for the next 5 to 9 years there are options for the style conscious family out there not wanting to live in a padded room for the rest of their young lives.


So what are we up against? The floors you eventually choose will have to stand up to sippy cup spills, toys being dropped, food that gets trampled over ten times before you can clean it up, sand, more sand (seriously why do we go to the park!), leaky diapers, muddy boots, and so much more. Carpets are great for certain areas in the home but they can only withstand so much. They are great at preventing dents and scratches but introduce a toddler with an ice cream cone and those beautiful carpets, no matter what kind of stain guard the manufacturer says their product contains, will eventually meet their demise. This is the power of young children. So what is a home owner and parent of young kids to do? Well, luckily there are options other than foam padding and concrete floors.


Hardwood Flooring is the best and most stylish option for most families. It can be cleaned easier than carpets, washed, scrubbed and repaired to look brand new again. Hardwood flooring can withstand years of youthful abuse and still comes out looking brand new with a little love and maintenance.


Hardwood flooring is also the flooring of choice for those living with allergies. We at the Hardwood Flooring Store hear stories all the time of people lives being changed after switching from carpet to hardwood floors. Carpets naturally trap dust and dirt particles, making life for the allergy suffer much worse. Hardwood flooring is easy to clean, creates and traps no dust, and is easily susceptible to mold.


Best Kinds of Hardwood for Children


  1. Oak – White and red oak are commonly used for flooring. Both are quite hard and wear well. Because red oak has a stronger grain, it hides scratches and dents better than white.
  2. Brazilian cherry is twice as hard as oak and withstands moisture well. These traits make the wood more difficult to stain but also make it a good choice for a kitchen or entryway.
  3. Australian Cypress, also harder than oak, has a wavy grain and is knotty; it may tend to split or chip more easily around knotholes. However, the busy grain may hide child-produced boo-boos.
  4. Bamboo quality varies a lot. Bamboo is subject to dents. Strand bamboo is very strong and probably the least likely to dent. Make sure you purchase your bamboo floors from a reputable store like The Hardwood Flooring Store that only sources the highest quality bamboo flooring in Canada.
  5. Maple, which varies in color from pale white to light reddish brown, also is very strong and especially resistant to wear and abrasion. Because it grows widely in the United States, maple is readily available.
  6. Teak has become more common because it is often grown in sustainable nurseries and forests. Its strength is comparable to oak, and it resists insects and temperature fluctuations making it a good flooring choice to live up to the challenges that your children will throw at it.


The general theme for all these types of hardwoods is strength. The harder the wood the better it will be at withstanding the onslaught of damage from your wonderful children.


If these types of flooring are not enough to withstand the damage your kids can throw at them and in a few years your floors are not looking like they once did, the best part about hardwood flooring is that you can repair almost any damage.


More than likely the only damage to your flooring is going to be on the surface level. Knicks, scratches, dents and spills all occur mostly to the thin outer layers of the wood. Although it is a big job and I would only do this once the kids have grown up and are out playing at the mall or whatever it is kids do these days, your hardwood floors can be sanded and re-finished to once near perfect conditions. (Link to previous blog about refinishing) https://www.hardwoodflooringstore.com/blogs/hwfs-blog/post/so-you-need-to-replace-your-hardwood-floors


The key to keeping your floors safe and looking good over the years you do have the kids around is maintenance and perhaps a little education. Clean up spills, dirt and dust on a regular basis and most importantly let your kids know once they are old enough that wearing muddy boots in the house is not a good idea and that drawing pictures of mommy on the floor is sweet that floors are not the place for self-expression. With a little persistence and tons of patience you can have those nice floors and keep a happy clean home at the same time.


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