Should We Use Hardwood Flooring at the Office

Posted on Dec 21, 2018

Once upon a time carpet dominated the office environment. Offices everywhere are still covered with oddly patterned, dust filled, worn out carpets from the 1970s. The world is changing the way it looks at office design as companies seek to improve the office environment for their staff to make work less like work and more like a second home. 


More and more companies, particularly the tech sector, looking to modernize are moving away from the old dark blue and dark grey carpeting of the Mad Men era and turning to hardwood flooring. 



The reasons many companies are looking to remodel their offices with hardwood flooring go beyond the obvious aesthetics that hardwood flooring can bring to a space but also the the effect on the productivity and well being of the staff. Hardwood Flooring will give employees that sense of working from home and create a cozy work environment.


Hardwood floors are not only pleasing to look at but the fact that they do not absorb dust and water will create cleaner air in the office. I can remember an old carpeted office I worked in where the cleaning staff vacuumed maybe once a year. Anything that fell on that carpet instantly was covered in a thick layer of grey dust. With hardwood floors the cleaning crew has an easier time maintaining the floors and keeping them free of dust bunnies leading to a healthier environment for all. 


If you are making the smart choice and going with hardwood flooring for your new office space, I would suggest going with a durable higher quality engineered hardwood floor. They are more likely to stand the test of time given the amount of traffic they will be seeing and the occasional high heel. Office flooring to is bound to see a few spilled cups of coffee or booze from the rowdy office Christmas party so engineered flooring is the definite way to go for the office floor. 

With any hardwood floors in any environment you should not leave them out on their own. A bit of protection will keep the hardwood looking new for years to come. For instance, place mats at entryways to protect against wet and muddy shoes and boots, place mats or rugs in kitchen areas to protect against spills, and ensure everyone with an office chair on wheels gets those plastic floor mats. 


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