Heated Hardwood Flooring

Posted on Sep 1, 2017

When people think of heated flooring their minds immediately go to tiled flooring in the kitchen and master bathrooms. They are the perfect spot for heated floors actually. A barefoot on a cold winter tile in the bathroom is enough to send chills up anyone’s spine. With heated flooring there is nothing better than waking up groggy on a Monday morning in December and placing your bare toes on a warm kitchen or bathroom floor. It is a first world privilege that comes highly recommended.


This luxury however is not only for tile flooring. Heated hardwood flooring is possible and is indeed luxurious, like when you step on a hardwood surface that has been warmed by the rays of a weekend sun.


Some people worry about the safety of putting heating elements under wood flooring but it is a perfectly safe technology and is completely safe. In addition to its safety, radiant heating is much more allergy friendly than forced air. Pushing warm air through the house circulates dust, dander and other allergens that can make homeowners lives miserable. Radiant heating does just that, it radiates from beneath the floors and naturally invades every part of the house, heating a room in a more natural and most imporntantly a more cost efficient manner.


There are two main types of radiant heating. The most common and least expensive of the two is the electric system. This operates by using small electric mats that work very much like electric blankets. These systems are perfect for heating small kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. If you are thinking a using radiant heating for a large area then you are going to be looking at adding considerable expense to your renovation budget but in the long run you will be saving about 20-40%.


Hydronic systems use a system of hollow tubes where warm water is allowed to flow just beneath the hardwood flooring. As the warm water moves through it releases its heat and it passes through the floors and into your home, warming your little toes.

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