Illegally sourced wood bound for China continues

Posted on Jun 19, 2019

The flow of illegally sourced wood continues to pour into china, this time from Mozambique. Mozambique Officials intercepted a shipment of 1,300 containers of illegally harvested wood bound for China worth an approximate value of over $1 million U.S dollars, according to Africa News .


Mozambique is a country that cannot afford to have its forest illegally harvested. The country is home to many rare and endangered species and any illegal cutting down of its already shrinking forests have a severe impact on its environment. These are the same practices that Chinese companies were involved in when Lumber Liquidators was found to be selling dangerous hardwood flooring to its customers across North America. While it is still unclear where this wood was bound and for what end use, it is another troubling sign for the lumber industry and the hardwood flooring industry as a whole. 


As more and more of these stories begin to surface, the customer searching to buy a hardwood flooring product becomes ever more cautious. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is bad because the industry cannot be trusted but it is a good thing because people are now asking the right kind of questions to their hardwood flooring supplier. 


The Hardwood Flooring Store can assure its customers that none of this wood from Mozambique or from dangerous Chinese factories is in any of our stores. The Hardwood Flooring Store only buys its flooring products from reputable companies that source their wood mainly from North American sources. As a family business, we only keep products in our stores that we would be happy to have in our own homes. 

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