Know your bamboo floors

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

Bamboo floors are a beautiful addition to any home. They are modern, stylish and rising in popularity every year. That said Bamboo as a species of wood flooring has its own unique properties and like all hardwood flooring, must be looked after in a specific way.


As beautiful as bamboo floors are they tend to be more prone to cupping, warping, and swelling. This is caused by water damage and high humidity, both of which will damage any floors but with bamboo you need to be extra careful. As bamboo is technically a grass and not a hardwood, the grain runs the entire length of the floorboard and should any water penetrate the product it will warp and cup following that pattern. The key to avoiding this problem is to obviously keep water off of your floors but also to buy a quality bamboo product. Beware of products coming from some Chinese manufacturers that take shortcuts in the factory by using cheaper materials. A quality bamboo product should have the same life expectancy as a regular hardwood floor.


Dents and scratches are something you should be careful about when purchasing bamboo floors. They are one of the softer flooring available but you also need to be aware that bamboo that is produced by a non-reputable manufacturer will be even more prone to those scratches. In pursuit of profit many manufacturers will harvest the bamboo too early resulting in lesser quality floors. They might look greta at first but they quickly get damaged.


Bamboo floors are sold as eco-friendly options to regular hardwood flooring. The fact that bamboo grows much faster than trees and us less destructive and simpler to harvest makes it a little better environmentally but often the manufacturers of the product cut corners and use heavy glues and varnishes making the product one of the least environmentally friendly. As always choose the right brand that is known for quality.

Another issue with bamboo floors is that while hardwood floors tend to darken with age, bamboo when exposed to sunlight and wear and tear tends to lighten. For those not into having lighter floors with time, extra care must be taken to keep the floors looking brand new. Keep the floors from having direct sunlight for extended periods of the day by placing rugs and covering windows with sheers or blinds. However, just like hardwood floors you can re-sand them to make them look shiny and new. Look the point of this post is not to turn you away from bamboo but to warn you of the issues. All hardwood flooring comes with particular issues, it is our job to make you aware of the issue so you can prevent problems in the future and continue living in happiness with the floors of your dreams.
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