Question to ask during the installation of your hardwood floors

Posted on Oct 27, 2016

During an installation of hardwood flooring certain issues are bound to arise. To avoid any major ones make sure to ask these pertinent questions to help avoid installation headaches. Luckily if you took all the proper precautions before the installation began the actual process of installation should go rather smoothly but there are still a few questions to keep in mind.

What problems might arise during the installation?

There will the noise, there will be a mess. Don’t fret. This is all part of the process. When its done you will be more than happy with the results.

What about my kids and pets?

Isolate them as much as possible from the commotion. Both are curious and will seek to explore what all these people are doing banging around in their house. My tip, go away for the weekend when the majority of the work will get done.

What should I expect from my installer?

Your installer should be professional and courteous. They should operate in an efficient manner and keep you abreast of any issues as they arise. Any good professional installer will clean up after themselves and leave you with floors that are almost ready to showcase.

What comes after the install is completed?

More than likely you will need to repaint your baseboards. It is next to impossible to keep those suckers clean and proper during an installation.

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