The perfect floor for the bedroom

Posted on Sep 24, 2020

If you are like me, you are constantly trying to upgrade and improve your home. Just last week I was installing shutters on the outside of my house which got me thinking of a project I did a few years back when I moved into my first home.


We bought an older home from the 1980s that needed some TLC. After renovating the kitchen and a few other little touch ups here and there, we finally made it to the master bedroom. It was like walking back into the 1980s. The room has lined with light blue carpeting, wallpaper boarders around the edge of the wall that touches the ceiling and a paint colour that is hard to characterize. After tackling the cosmetic aspects of the room; ripping out the wallpaper, painting the walls a new modern colour we finally arrived at the floor.


Don’t get me wrong, I like carpeting. It is a wonderful product that feels great underfoot and gives you a nice warm feeling. That said, carpeting does have its drawbacks and as a person with allergies I wanted a product that would help improve my symptoms and not worsen them. So in the end the carpeting had to go. After removing the carpeting we were left with a decision to make. What to replace it with?


The choice for us was easy; hardwood flooring. Some of my friends were hardcore carpet enthusiasts and tried to convince me to just replace the carpet with something new. “No one sees your room anyway.” “Hardwood is so expensive and will wear over time.” Well, I listened politely and did what I wanted anyway.

I went out an purchased a beautiful hardwood floor that matched the décor of my room and that had some flexibility in style so as not to look like those light blue carpets in ten years (The person who installed that, thought they were pretty stylish when they put them in).

The room looked great in the end. I threw down a few rugs in the higher trafficked areas and voila! Hardwood floors just made the room look ten times better than what was there before. It looked bigger, more inviting, and just felt like home, all feelings you want in a bedroom. Even my skeptical carpet loving friends were convinced once they saw the results.


If you are considering a hardwood floor for your bedroom and don’t know where to begin make sure to visit  The Hardwood Flooring Store . One of our  associates  will guide through the  plethora of choices  and answer any questions that you may have.


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