What is the best hardwood floors for dogs?

Posted on Jan 30, 2019


cute dog Should you take your dog under consideration when choosing hardwood flooring? Of course For many pet owners the one thing they often don’t consider when they get a dog for the first time is the impact on their flooring. In these cases, the wall-to-wall carpeting in their home can turn out to be a worst-case scenario. Providing the right hardwood flooring for your home if you are a dog owner is important because your dog will spend as much time on the flooring as the rest of the family.  

The simplest way to make a pet owner’s life easier is to have hardwood flooring through out the home. In general, it’s easier to clean due to the solid surface rather than the carpet. Not all solid flooring is ideal for pets, though. Let’s take a closer look at what traits you’ll want.

Dog owners should be concerned with the colour, finish, and hardness of the hardwood they choose. Select a species of wood that has the hardness and ability to resist scratches and dents.
The first major thing that you need to know when choosing a dog-friendly floor is to avoid softwood such as pine trees or aspen trees and invest in hardwood flooring instead (mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, etc.). Luckily pine and aspen are not common as a choice in hardwood flooring products.

Wood with strong graining patterns

Species with a strong graining pattern, such as red oak and hickory, are especially good at hiding any scratches or damage that does occur. Although these species rank lower on the Janka hardness scale than species like Brazilian Cherry and Brazilian Walnut, their strong graining patterns compared to the Brazilian species make them a great choice for hiding scratches and other damage from dogs.

It is good to consider floors that are light in color. This can prevent the visibility of your dog’s hairs on the floor. If your dog is lives inside the house, stay away from hardwood floors with a glossy finish, they tend to scratch easily, which are visible under a reflected light.

cute dogs

Moisture is another big concern for dog owners. Moisture from dog urination & spills from feedings on flooring is always a possible. When feeding your dog on hardwood flooring, use a waterproof surface to prevent any moisture going to the wood flooring.

If you keep the above tips in mind when choosing your next flooring from the Hardwood Flooring Store, you will have the perfect flooring for your dog and you.
Moreover, remember to go for lighter colours. The reason is that scratches are more obvious on a darker surface, while you will struggle to spot any scratches on lighter colours. Oak is highly recommended, as it has a naturally light colour.

Also make sure that you clean any urine from the floor as quickly as possible, if it stays for a long time on the wood, it can cause stains, discolouration, and of course a bad smell, which is extremely hard to remove.
Lastly, whatever your choice will end up being, remember to trim your dog's claws frequently if you don't want them to ruin your brand new wood floor straight away. Especially if you own a big dog, their weight and claw combination can have detrimental effects on your beautiful floors.



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