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Remodeling 101: A Guide to the Only 6 Wood Flooring Styles You Need to Know hardwood flooring guide

Choosing between types of flooring is no easy feat with all the options available today.

How to fix scratches in Hardwood Flooring hardwood flooring fixes

Whether your floors are a week old or have been trampled on for decades, they will eventually accumulate scratches and marks that will drive you crazy.

Alert: Hazards in Hardwood Floor Installation and Finishing hardwood flooring safety

At the Hardwood Flooring Store we take this topic very seriously. We have written about this before and have shared public stories of how major hardwood flooring companies are selling products to Canadians without letting them know where the product truly comes from.

Questions to ask before the installation of your hardwood floors awesome floor

Welcome to the first in a three part series about what are the right questions to ask before, during, and after the installation of your...


You know that hardwood flooring is the right choice for your home or property but how to you choose and how much do you spend? You may be re-decorating or repairing older and out of date floors or you may be moving in and putting your own signature on the place.

American beech hardwood flooring. Beautiful, strong, and inexpensive! American beech hardwood flooring. Beautiful, strong, and inexpensive!

American Beech is one of the most versatile hardwoods. From Helping make beer to inexpensive and beautiful floors. Find out more.

The PROS and CONS of Hardwood Flooring

Pros and cons

If your home is wall to wall broadloom then this blog is for you.

Illegally sourced wood bound for China continues Illegally sourced wood bound for China continues

Unfortunately the illegal sourcing of wood bound for China continues. Find out more about this and how to protect yourself from buying bad flooring.

An Important Message from Ron Ander awesome floor

Knowing where your flooring comes from can be a matter of life or death. High levels of formaldehyde can cause Cancer and poor health/

Hardwood Flooring and Kids Kids and Flooring

Kids. As much as we love them, protect them and will do anything for them, they are not the best little creatures at being gentle when it comes to flooring options.

Hardwood Flooring that isn’t Hardwood Flooring Sono Flooring

Introducing SONO, the German-made innovation in waterproof, dimensionally stable flooring. SONO features stunning HD direct-to-core digitally printed visuals and a ceramic composite core that’s free of PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates and plasticizers.

From Forest to Floor: How wood floors get made How it's made: Hardwood Flooring

Ever wonder how hardwood floors are made. Wonder no more. From fores to floor we go through the steps of getting your hardwood floors to you.

What is the best hardwood floors for dogs? old world herringbone

Should you take your dog under consideration when choosing hardwood flooring? Of course you should!

Old world meets new look in flooring old world herringbone

Have you ever walked into a home and fell in love immediately, but you couldn’t quite explain what style it was?

Should We Use Hardwood Flooring at the Office Hardwood flooring for the office renovation project

More and more companies are looking into hardwood flooring as the flooring of choice for the new modern office environment.

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